La Chocolatiere

Opening the doors and bringing you back to an era of chocolate making
where tempering machines don't exist,
Where quality and dedication prevail over mass production,

Anissa uses her favourite brand of couverture chocolate currently available in France- Kaoka- that she and her husband exclusively import to New Zealand.
A couverture that is of Single Origin,
certified organic and fairtrade.
A couverture used by Patrick Roger, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000 who has consistently been in the top ten chart of France's best chocolatiers since then.

No butter, no eggs, no cream are to be found in Anissa's chocolates, for she believes that avoiding traditional “ganache” is the best way to give top-end chocolate the justice it deserves,
while preserving its beneficial health effects on you.

The small batches that Anissa makes therefore, only bring you the very best of what chocolate has to offer:
freshness, purity, quality, taste.

Simply, chocolate at its best.
100% hand & heartcrafted for you to enjoy.